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Vacworks II Selection Software Suite

Vacworks II is a selection software suite developed by IJ̳ engineers that enables you to select ejector systems or ejectors in combination with liquid ring vacuum pumps. You are able to select up to a four-stage ejector system, with or without a precondenser, that includes either surface type or direct contact inter and after condensers. The software will provide you with utility consumption, equipment size, and drawings of the individual components. It also includes useful tools for estimating vapor pressures of different organic or inorganic compounds, calculating hydraulic losses in piping systems under vacuum, determining the proper tail leg height for a vacuum condenser, a calculation routine for converting between mass and volumetric flow rate, and a conversion utility for converting between different units of measure.

Vacworks Software:

  1. Vacuum System Design
  2. Thermal Compressor Design
  3. Conversion Calculator
  4. Steam Mollier Data
  5. Vapor Pressure Database

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SealCool Software

Our SealCool software assists in sizing our Heliflow Heat Exchangers.

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