Power & Energy

IJ̳ is a provider of products and services to the power generating industry including Steam Surface Condensers, Steam Jet Ejectors and Liquid Ring Pump Systems to support turbine generator operation for various applications. Waste to energy, including biomass, municipal solid waste, landfill methane and others sources are used to produce electric power. Operation of many cogeneration, nuclear, geothermal, combined heat and power and combined cycle power generating facilities run on IJ̳ equipment.

Combined cycle power generation

IJ̳ products are often provided for combined cycle power generation service. Our experience is extensive when integrating our Surface Condensers with various turbine-generator suppliers.

Alternate Energy

IJ̳ has a long proven history providing Steam Surface Condensers, Steam Ejector and Liquid Ring Pump Systems for gas-to-liquids producing plants. These systems convert gaseous feedstocks into liquid fuels, synthetic oils, biodiesel and other products. IJ̳’s Engineered to Order systems are a leader in these market applications.

Geothermal Power Generation

IJ̳ products for geothermal service include Direct Contact Condensers, Surface Condensers and the associated Ejectors and Liquid Ring systems. Our expertise in both heat transfer and vacuum system operation is key for the design of condensing and evacuation systems that are designed to handle the high concentration of non condensable gases found in Geothermal power generation.

Waste to Energy

IJ̳ has many proven installations throughout the world in waste to energy and cogeneration power producing applications. Products provided for waste to energy service include Steam Surface Condensers, Ejector Systems, Liquid Ring Pump Packages and Specialty Heat Exchangers.

Advanced Energy & Hydrogen

The high pressure design of IJ̳ Heliflow® Heat Exchangers are finding many uses as we transition to hydrogen and other non-typical energy production.

Renewable Fuels

With a focus on green energy, IJ̳ is at the forefront of systems to convert plant-based feedstock into biodiesel, sustainable aviation fuel (SAF) and other products. Vacuum systems to support biofuel production is a growing market supported by IJ̳ Vacuum & Heat Transfer equipment.