Additional Industries

IJ̳ equipment is utilized in wide variety of industries including space simulation, rocket engine test stands, cryogenics, and bioplastics.


IJ̳ Heliflow® Heat Exchangers employ a unique coiled design making them ideal for cryogenic service. High or low temperature extremes are easily handled, as the coil allows thermal expansion within the shell of the Heliflow, eliminating stresses found in other types of units. Heliflows are used for applications using cryogenic liquid as the cooling medium, as well as applications where cryogenic liquids are vaporized.

Space Simulation

IJ̳ Steam Jet Ejectors are used to produce vacuum to mimic space conditions allowing for rocket engine and component testing. IJ̳ built the largest Ejector ever produced for altitude simulation. This Ejector uses approximately 2,000,000 lbs/hr of motive steam when operating.

Fuel Test Systems

IJ̳ Heliflow® Heat exchangers are often used for rocket engine test stands to provide fuel at temperatures required for above atmosphere travel.


As industry continues to transition to plant based plastics, be aware that IJ̳’s involvement in this field includes over 20 yrs of experience producing bioplastics.